How do you think about technology futures?

I've spent 15+ years analyzing the cutting edge of technology, and worked in research, strategy and consulting for clients worldwide. Mostly, that means helping people understand which questions to ask.

I write and speak about areas of research I'm trying to understand, publish a weekly newsletter and give presentations pulling together these ideas.


My username is [michellzappa] on most social networks. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

I'm available for speaking engagements, consulting, or just a friendly chat. You can schedule a 30' call with me on Calendly.


Michell Zappa is a renowned technology futurist, founder, and CEO of Envisioning, a technology research institute. Known for his insight on technological trends, Michell is a frequent speaker and consultant on emerging technologies and their impact on society. His work guides organizations and governments in understanding future technological landscapes. With a global perspective shaped by living and working in numerous countries, Michell's newsletter and presentations challenge and inspire audiences to think deeply about the future of technology and humanity.


Founder + CEO (2011 — Present)

verb: "To picture a future event"

Envisioning is a research institute focused on helping businesses and public entities navigate technological advancements. We specialize in futures literacy, offering insights and strategic guidance to understand and anticipate the impacts of emerging technologies.

Our services include analyzing global tech developments and providing tailored foresight to assist clients in making informed decisions for future innovations. Envisioning collaborates closely with clients to enhance their understanding and readiness for the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Aesthetic Hermetics

Research & Design (2020 — Present)

Aesthetic Hermetics is a project dedicated to modernizing the exploration and understanding of arcane knowledge.

Recognizing that traditional tools like tarot decks and zodiacal charts may lack connection with past teachings, this initiative emphasizes the power of aesthetics in spiritual learning. By leveraging design, Aesthetic Hermetics provides a clearer, more resonant way to comprehend complex spiritual concepts. This approach bridges the wisdom of ancient mystic schools with contemporary design, aiding seekers in their journey of self-development. It offers collections of modern designs to navigate and integrate historic, complex arcane teachings into a coherent worldview, enhancing spiritual growth and understanding.

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THNK School of Creative Leadership

Faculty Member (2012 — Present)

Responsible for the technology futures module for Executive Leadership courses and in-company programs together with school leadership and faculty. Together we co-created numerous approaches for utilizing Envisioning research in learning contexts with great results.


I'm originally from Stockholm (born 1982) but moved to São Paulo for international school in 1997.

I earned my undergraduate degree in marketing communications in São Paulo and moved to Amsterdam to work at TrendWatching as designer and developer in 2005. While I'm fascinated by trends, my passion lies closer to technology and took it upon myself (with partners) to create that which I felt was missing in the world.

In 2011, Envisioning came about as an attempt to document and organize all knowledge about technology, and share this information with the world.

I have moved around a fair bit in life and am currently living in Porto. I have also lived in Amsterdam, London and Milan for work and study.


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