Age of Centaurs (Trend Seminar)

October 31, 2023 (1y ago)

By invitation from TrendWatching, I spent most of the summer researching and developing a new slide deck going deeper into the metaphor of Centaurs and human-machine collaboration.

The presentation outlines different strategies for human-machine collaboration and features all new imagery created entirely in MidJourney. To help bring home the ideas, we broke the centaur examples into:

  • Embodied: AI and wearables used for learning about our bodies.
  • Organizational: smarter groups working together.
  • Planetary: understanding our planet with more granularity.
  • Interspecies: using AI to better communicate with different kinds of intelligence.
  • Creative: working alongside machines towards computational creativity.

You can find the slides below, or reach out if you want a custom presentation.

Google Slides

Thanks to Cappra Institute for help with research and design.