Learn about technological evolution and futures through engaging presentations. Understand key principles shaping our future and develop insight for navigating these changes.

  • Technological Evolution: Learn to predict future trends by analyzing historical patterns of innovation.
  • Imagination to Innovation: See how visionary ideas become real-world technologies.
  • Human-Machine Synergy: Explore the integration of human intelligence with advanced technologies for superior outcomes.

Age of Centaurs (2023)

Presented in London and Amsterdam with TrendWatching.
Research and design help from the Cappra Institute.

The presentation focuses on the practical application of AI as a tool to enhance, rather than replace, human abilities. I address the relevance of AI in various professional and societal roles, particularly for those not specialized in fields like data science or machine learning. For most people, the integration of AI into existing jobs and workflows is more beneficial than pursuing a career solely in AI or machine learning. This approach highlights the potential for AI to serve as a complementary element in a wide range of industries and sectors.

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Technology Evolution and Assessment (2019)

Presented in Berlin with GIZ.

This presentation focuses on the impact of technology on society and development. It emphasized the importance of understanding technological transformation patterns and readiness for change as a key skill. The talk highlighted the role of technological innovation and digitalization in driving transformative change globally, particularly in social, economic, and organizational contexts. It also discussed the critical role of technology in achieving SDGs and offered insights and discussions on the potential of emerging technologies for sustainable development, including practical examples of technological innovations.


Patterns of Technology Thinking (2018)

Presented in Lugano with IKEA.

Technology can seem fast & unpredictable, but by identifying its underlying patterns - like those of 'accelerating returns' (which describes why things are getting faster faster) - can help you create more accurate visions of the future and realistic scenarios.

This session covers a litany of historical patterns of technological transformation - certainties like 'future shock' and 'unintended consequences' along with the concept of technological centaurs.


Beyond Exponentials: Finding certainty in uncertainty (2018)

Presented in Mountain View, CA with Singularity U.

In this presentation I delve into the consequences of rapid technological evolution, drawing parallels with global culture and future shock. I highlight the dual nature of technology on personal autonomy and societal dynamics, exemplified by developments like China's Sesame Credit and advanced surveillance technologies. The talk emphasizes the significance of combinatorial evolution in tech, the imperative of resilience against social media's influence, and methods for equipping audiences to inclusively navigate the technological future.