The Next Decade (Interview)

July 8, 2020 (4y ago)

YouTube Recording


The first episode of our new livechat series on the next decade A conversation between Futurist and Envisioning CEO, Michell Zappa and L'Atelier BNP PARIBAS CEO, John Egan.

L'Atelier is a foresight business that identifies and contextualises future market opportunities that emerge from technological and societal change. John interviews futurist Michell Zappa about the unpredictability of technology and society in the next decade. Zappa explains how advances in technology have made the world more complex and how difficult it is to make accurate predictions for the future. He also discusses the evolution of smartphones, the rise of bio-augmentation and transhumanism, and the importance of balancing self-directed learning with formal education. Furthermore, Zappa predicts that wearable hardware will be just a starting step towards more significant biotech changes and that the materials industry will undergo significant changes driven by the need for solutions to climate change and pollution. Overall, the speakers agree that the human side makes it challenging to predict technology usage, and that the next decade will be marked by unprecedented geopolitical and technological shifts.