Envisioning Purpose

January 3, 2024 (5mo ago)

How do you figure out your purpose in life?

What if you could co-create your personal sense of meaning in life by thinking together with artificial intelligence?

We set out to explore this premise and built a simple application which allows users to extrapolate on their own certainties by working together with a series of predetermined GPT prompts inside a restricted graphical user interface.

Building on the contemporary understanding of the "Ikigai" model, which combines a four-part diagram with overlapping areas of personal interests, with the Japanese concept of living a fulfilling healthy life with a sense of purpose.

The tool has been designed to facilitate a user's journey in performing a personal "Ikigai" analysis. Users begin by inputting a couple of things they love – which GPT expands upon by giving users other terms they might also love, indicated by selecting them. Users then do this again for things they are good at, the world needs and can be paid for.

Our system then identifies the intersections between each list, and thus helps them identify their supposed mission, passion, vocation and profession.

After completing these intersection, we receive a personalized summary of our Purpose, based on our inputs and selections. This takes into consideration what all elements have in common, thus facilitating our personal sense of development.

The system was developed by Envisioning throughout 2023 with the help of the Cappra Institute, Bas Verhart and many testers. We are also talking to experts to further improve the experience and scale up its utility.

We expect to launch a standalone version of the interface sometime in 2024. Please reach out if you'd like a trial link!