Tools for Self-Initiation

January 1, 2023 (1y ago)

We re-interpret ancient occult knowledge through contemporary design.

Much of what our predecessors knew and took for granted about life and our relation to it, has been lost to time. Spiritual development should be available to everyone, but for historical reasons the language of self-initiation can be inaccessible. We believe learning about arcane concepts can help people of all cultures, religions and beliefs and create modern interpretations, tools and explanations to help you on your path of self-development.

As a seeker, you are invited to deepen your understanding of mystic wisdom through study and meditation. Craft your path, set your pace, choose what to learn, and strengthen your spiritual connection through all means available.

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36 Decans

Tree of Life


The arcane knowledge available to us today is limited by the tools available at the time it was codified and taught.

Information design is only as good as the tools available to us, and only recently has so much occult knowledge been available to those ready to learn. Tools like correspondence tables, tarot decks and zodiacal charts reflect the needs of the present, and sometimes lacks deeper connection with learnings of the past.

Aesthetics matter. Visual appeal and clear communication allow important knowledge previously hidden to be revealed. Yesterdays mystic schools did the best with what they could, and todays seeker needs more.

Aesthetics isn't just about creating something that looks good. It's a crucial tool in deepening our understanding of spiritual concepts. The way a painting is created, how a sculpture is balanced, or the rhythm of a musical piece - all these aesthetic elements communicate complex ideas in ways that words sometimes can't. They resonate with us on a level that transcends the physical, guiding us towards a richer understanding of spirituality. As individuals looking to grow spiritually, we're like explorers, working our way through a dense collection of concepts. We learn from the wisdom of the past, but we also need to use the tools and aesthetic sensibilities of our time. The aesthetic acts like beacons, helping us make sense of complex concepts. They provide the clarity and context we need to understand age-old teachings and incorporate them into our modern perspective, helping us on our journey towards spiritual development.

We navigate confidently between all schools of thought in order to decide what works for us, while relying on the past for guidance. We learn from everybody to better understand the world around us, as long as the information is reliable and coherent within our world view.

Aesthetic Hermetics aims to help seekers everywhere navigate historic, dense sets of arcane concepts through modern designs. We are slowly creating collections of designs to help your on your journey of self-development.

The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise (Giovanni di Paolo 1445)


Spiritual development takes countless forms, and there are as many ways of connecting with divinity as there are individual seekers.

Each one of us grows up under unique circumstances and develop an affinity with the supernatural - or not - depending on factors beyond our control. Most of us adopted the faith of our family without giving it second thought. Others might have joined a mystic school or picked up astrology or tarot later in life to support an interest in something beyond the visible world.

Spritual development is often about stepping outside your comfort zone, yet knowing which systems to trust and which authors to consider, is a daunting task for all seekers.

One approach to ensure you are stepping on conceptual solid ground is to seek out where existing systems overlap. Each method is unique to the culture, people and history from which it sprung – but they frequently share truths and characteristics that are common between systems.

Seekers navigate the space between spaces. They set their own pace, pursue their own research, and create a path that needs only be true for themselves to navigate the world of worlds.

Aesthetic Hermetics is about translating such learnings, from all available systems and cultural backgrounds, in order to create tools that help you develop your spiritual understanding.

Divinity is available to us all.